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Venture to the Third Ear

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Paper back : 54 pages
ISBN-13 : 978-0557498574
Product Dimensions :
6 x 0.14 x 9 inches
Item Weight : 3.32 ounces
Publisher; null edition (August 5, 2010)
Language: : English

Authors Comments

In my view life and poetry walks hand and hand.
The trials, tribulations, adventures, excitement,
joys and sadnes are
the foundation for expressing our emotions and
feeling to our fellow brothers
and sisters. We are sculptors of our life and
enviroment we live in. There ar a
number of things we do not have control over we
live in and yet within the crakes
of illusions we have a brief moment of enlightment.
Where great things, art, beliefs,
accomplishments, manifest itself into being a
reality that it’s nothing less than
greatness being born. To my fellow reads thank
you for taking time out of your life and
Venturing to the 3rd ear

This Rose I Give To You

This Rose I Give To You
Is symbolic in many ways
The stem is strong and long, which means
Our friendship must be long
Trying the test of time
The thorns are the good and bad
Things that will come to be
It depends upon how we hold, behold,
Or let them be
And finally the Rose
The fragrance of spring, the moist color of life
The soft petal of love
And the glow of two spirits
Intertwining, growing with each other
Seeking the destiny that life has set forth
Becoming one
This Rose I give to You